The City Of Gardens
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Wayne Montgomery is a young, naive California surfer living happy in Lima Peru in 1980. Suddenly he is framed on drug charges and thrown into Lima’s infamous El Sexto prison. Corrupt police officials move to extort money from Wayne’s family, but Wayne won’t cooperate. In prison, Wayne meets a series of eccentric and dangerous characters that compel him to grow up in a hurry and find a way to escape. Based on a true story and shot in gritty, realistic style, “186 Dollars to Freedom” has brought audiences to standing ovations at film festivals throughout the United States and Peru. It has won Best Film at the Hollywood Reel International Film Festival, Best Actor (John Robinson), Hollywood Reel Film International Festival, Best Narrative Film, Eugene International Film Festival and Grand Jury Award, Best Director (Camilo Vila) Houston Worldfest.

GENRE: Action / Drama

STATUS: Completed



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