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I was initially drawn to Monty Fisher’s story because of raw truth and unforgettable characters. A young, unsuspecting American gets thrown into a Peruvian prison in 1980 by a military government, and his life suddenly becomes a struggle to survive. The challenge I found was to recreate the 80s in Latin America in an authentic way that people throughout the world will understand. Fortunately, when we got to Peru we found a prison location so ghastly and foreboding that this location became an unforgettable character itself in the film. We used hand held 16 mm cameras and film f or a gritty realism that the story demanded. We were also blessed by outstanding performances from a mixed Peruvian and American cast and crew that drew heavy inspiration from Monty’s story. The budget and time restraints made us all work harder and more intensely than a commercial or studio film. The end result honors everyone involved.

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