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Deborah Ungar (Consuler Powers)

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Born in Vancouver, Deborah Kara Unger became the first Canadian accepted into Australia’s prestigious National
Institute of Dramatic Arts. After graduating, she began her career with appearances in Australian productions
such as the mini-series Bangkok Hilton (1989) starring Nicole Kidman and the award-winning feature Prisoners
of the Sun (1990) with Russell Crowe.Deborah has since co-starred in such films as: Norman Jewison’s Hurricane
with Denzel Washington, Payback with Mel Gibon, David Fincher’s The Game with Michael Douglas and Sean
Penn, David Cronenberg’s Crash with Holly Hunter and James Spader (Special Jury Prize in Official Competition
in Cannes), and Istvan Szabo’s award-sinning epic Sunshine with Ralph Fiennes and William Hurt, which
garnered her a Genie nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

In 2003, Deborah received another Genie nomination for Best Actress in Edoardo Ponti’s Between Strangers
opposite screen legend Sophia Loren. For her role, Deborah also received the Libertae Award at Dubrovnik
International Film Festival. In 2004, she was the recipient of the Geraldine Page Best Actress Award at the
American Method Festival starring opposite Sir Ian Mckellen in Emile, and was honored with both the Imagery
Award at Cinema Epicurea and the Vladivostok Award of Excellence at Russia’s VIFF. Next, in 2005, Deborah
won Best Actress for One Point O, starring opposite Jeremy Sisto, at Spain’s MIFC.

Other film credits include: A Love Song for Bobby Long, Thirteen, The Salton Sea, Signs and Wonders, Leo, Fear
X, No Way Home, Luminous Motion, The Weekend, Things That Hang from Trees, 88 Minutes, Shake Hands With
the Devil, Walled In and Messages Deleted. Most recently, Deborah starred in Transparency, The Maiden Danced
to Death, Sophie, Samuel Bleak, and City of Gardens.

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